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Our vision

Over the next three years, we are asking our members to give above and beyond normal giving levels to help us reach our goal of raising $3.5 million. This fundraising is part of a much larger, faith-rooted effort to make Ebenezer a hub for community renewal, elevate our ministry, and pilot projects and programs that support social justice and racial reconciliation in our communities and around the world.

The three major components of One Ebenezer include:


  • Ebenezer’s core mission and ministries,

  • Reducing our mortgage debt,

  • And enabling us to keep pace with technological advancements through regular digital campus upgrades.


Our goal is $3.5 million over and above our annual operating budget. We are praying for 100% participation, where all of us will give generously to God.

Will you courageously say yes to One Ebenezer and generously commit your time, talent, and treasure over the next three years?


Together, we will honor God and our ancestors; help to create a future where the coming generations can thrive and live into our promise as one body in Christ.



One Ebenezer cements our commitment to being a God-centered people who order our steps in accordance to God’s Word.


As Pastor Warnock has set forth for us, it is our pledge to be generous— generous in heart, generous in our tithes, and generous in the use of our time and our talent knowing that God will bless us abundantly above anything we could ever ask for.


This initiative is our declaration that we will strengthen our global footprint by continuing to fight injustices wherever they occur.


And it is our promise that we will answer God’s call to be a great people by being a servant to those in need



1. Infrastructure + Capacity

Plan and strengthen the infrastructure and internal capacity to prepare and equip Ebenezer Baptist Church to live into its promise.


2. Youth + Young Adults

Create spaces and places for children, youth, and young adults to cultivate a relationship with Christ and develop a practical faith.


3. Individual Growth

Create opportunities for community, discipleship, and deep authentic spiritual formation through worship and the word.


4. Social Transformation

Through collaborative convening and direct advocacy, establish Ebenezer as the “spiritual home for social justice”.


5. Access & Connection

Strengthen and expand the Ebenezer Everywhere global virtual campus.

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