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How to Give to One Ebenezer

Generosity initiatives like One Ebenezer rely on church members making gifts to expand and accelerate impact. Many believers have been amazed at their ability to give more generously to their church than they ever imagined. The following steps may help you do this.

1. Practice priority budgeting


Many people will choose to rearrange their priorities and give up something in their current budget in order to give more to a Generosity Initiative. Priority budgeting may mean postponing a planned expenditure such as a new car, vacation, home remodel, or other major purchase.


2. Redirect present expenditures


Often people have significant short-term expenditures for special needs (i.e. college tuition, student loan payments, etc.). Consider directing those resources generously after the short-term need is resolved.

3. Increased giving with Increased income


Some people receive periodic increases in salary or bonuses from their employers. Instead of increasing lifestyle expenses, consider committing to include those salary increases in your giving.

4. Give creatively from stored resources


Consider whether God is calling you to give generously from your special savings instead of a new house addition or a new car.


5. Commit unexpected cash


Sudden influxes of cash due to an inheritance, a second income, cryptocurrency, or gifts can be added to gifts from regular income.


6. Sacrifice extra time


Consider some practical measures that you can take to increase your income sources and contribute to the generosity initiative.


7. Donate appreciated assets


When you donate appreciated assets like stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds, you’re giving in a highly tax-efficient way, which is best for both you and the Ebenezer Generosity Initiative.

Creative ways to grow in your Generosity

ways you can give:



Offer your tithe or stretch gift during Sunday Service or mail in your contribution to 101 Jackson St NE, Atlanta, GA 30312 


Make a one-time gift or recurring online contribution at



Email Reverend John H. Vaughn, Executive Pastor at about your three-year gift.


Three Year Gift Chart

Copy of FINAL REVISED One Ebenezer Committment Card  (Folded Card (Landscape)) (Twitter Po

We are asking you to go on a spiritual journey with God, which involves taking the biggest steps of generosity you’ve ever taken. Our prayerful hope is that every person at Ebenezer Baptist Church will come together and fully engage in the “One Ebenezer” Generosity Initiative.

One Ebenezer
pledge Form

Commitments made in good faith, but are not legally binding. You may want to consider stretching gifts over the three-year initiative to maximize the total amount of your support. This commitment can be fulfilled through monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual installments. We encourage donors to consider a 10-20% initial payment.

To make a commitment to One Ebenezer, please contact Ebenezer Baptist Church's Treasurer Dan Russell at or complete the online form linked below.




Lord, you are more generous than I deserve and I am constantly amazed by your faithfulness and fervant love.  You continuously bless me in ways that I could not expect and you help me in ways that remind me that I was created for your glory.  Life is uncertain.  We live with unspeakable pains.  We endure trial and challenge, but no matter how heavy it gets, I can always depend upon you to stand with me.  


So, I take this SIMPLE MOMENT to ask for your guidance as I support One Ebenezer.  Show me specific ways that I can be used in your Kingdom here on earth and I pray for our church body as we unite, becoming One Ebenezer.  Lord, show me your ways, teach me your paths, and simply walk with me always. This is my prayer.


In your name, I believe, trust, and put my faith.


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